Monday, December 28, 2009


First and foremost,

We would like to thank our loyal customers for their support.
Thanks for ur encouraging words and ur interest in our items...we are really touched *sob sob*

However, of late we have a tiny problem with customers who do not reply our mails
After placing their orders, some customers did not get back to us on the payment and if they still want to purchase the items.

We understand that girls are very fickle minded creatures. We change our minds, a lot.
But we will really appreciate it if you could get back to us...even if u decided not to buy the item.
So that we can release the item and not put it on hold.

We hope that our lovely shoppers can cooperate and get back to us on their orders even if they decided not to buy it anymore.

Thanks again to our LOYAL CUSTOMERS as well as to YOU (our window shopper)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Brella in the bottle

Item Name - Brella in the bottle

Price - RM29 including postage **Christmas promotion is not applicable here**

Status- Available

- A great gift during this festive season as it's always raining.
- A trendy and cool umbrella for a trendy you.
- Comes in four designs.

- Black floral
- White floral
- Pink Checks
- Blue cartoon

If you'd like to place an order, please fill up the order form on the top of the page. However if you have any inquiries about the item or you wish to be included in our mailing list, feel free to drop us an email at

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Good News to our Penangites shoppers!!!

The Manni-Queen is now at Gurney Plaza's Weekend Market.

Our stall is BETWEEN SEGA&CHILLI'S *Updated*

Do drop by and say Hi if u happen to be in Penang Gurney Plaza

U can also arrange to pick up ur items at our stall :)

Friday, December 18, 2009


Special Announcement to ALL RETURNING CUSTOMERS!!!!

Enjoy 10% discounts on ALL ITEMS if u are a returning customer on this holiday season!!!

New customers can also enjoy the same offer with purchase of 2 items AND more!!! 

Xmas is a time of sharing a caring :)

Offer is not applicable with Brella in the bottle.

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Vintage Bags are on the way babes!!!

Check out our page for our latest updates....SOON!!!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Behind the scenes

I am sure our customers will be wondering, who are these people behind the screen that takes picture of their clothes, reply emails, answering your queries, messaging you, posting your items, and meeting up with you for COD.

I always believe it's easier to relate to them if you know them better so today we are going to reveal who are the girls behind this little shop. This shop is owned by two sisters (although people always give us the 'Are you sure you are sisters?" look when we tell them so).

The one on your left is Ping Ping (in purple) and the one on your right is Pao Pao (in pink).

Ping Ping (which is me) is the younger sister. Many people asked (or more like laughed at) about our name but our names also made us more easy to be remembered (bad thing in class as teachers tend to call us more).

We are bloggers ourselves and we enjoy shopping so we decided to take our hobbies to a whole new level and start this online blogshop.

So basically whatever we sell are things that we would wear ourselves because the core purpose of starting this blogshop is for us to shop more and share it with all of you. The pink dress that Pao Pao is wearing in the picture is Daisy.

Ping Ping is also Estefania (my Spanish name in Spanish class) and the model for plus size items (you can know check my stats to further confirm the size of the items on the right hand side of the page). Pao Pao is usually in charge of replying emails and being the customer service executive.

We are roommates, business partner, church partner, CG members, travel partner, makan partner. Basically I spend a lot of my time with her when I'm not in uni.

We learnt a lot from our mistakes and still learning more and more each day. We will handpick items for better quality and to make sure the items look nice in person and not just in picture.

8 random facts about us.

1. We quarrel a lot but will make up fast too. One moment we are I-hate-you-I-dont-want-to-talk-to-you-anymore and the next moment we are I-love-you-mei-mei or my-best-jie-jie. Oh well, sisters.

2. We will try to give ourselves a treat (more like Pao Pao treating me) and have good food once a week.

3. We have another elder sister whom we love dearly. Although she's not our partner, she's our loyal customer. We love to see her happy face whenever we are back with new stocks because then she gets to shop!!! Most of the things we wear now are from The Manni-Queen.

4. Pao Pao is a pharmacist and Ping Ping is a student in USM(hence the COD location), studying Translation and Interpretation.

5. We have a very efficient and good postlady who is our mum. So basically it's a family business HAHAHA. Girl power.

6. We are based in Penang. Yes, we are in Penang so Penang people also gets to do COD like those in KL.

7. We are still working hard to improve our CS skills and also to provide more beautiful items for you girls (and also for ourselves) so please, do leave comments, suggestions, items you wish to see in The Manni-Queen through email or on our chatbox. You can also leave comments to be in our Testimonial Page. It's a bit bare now so please do contribute.

8. People always think I am the elder one because I'm bigger and Pao is the younger sister. That is after they have accepted the fact that we are sisters. Some people just laugh it off and think that we are just kidding. Get this straight, the bigger one is the younger one and the smaller one is the elder one.

I hope you'll get to know more about us through this. Till next time~

Ping Ping
*She blogs in too*
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